what is graphic design
what is graphic design.

What Is Graphic Design?

Many people wonder, what is graphic design?  Graphic design is basically the arrangement of various materials such as photographs, vectors, digital illustrations, logos, slogans, text, and color schemes into a presentation that is visually appealing and represents the message or image that a person or company wants to portray.  Examples of this include billboards, product packaging, magazines, movie posters, newspapers, music Cd’s and more recently website design.  Graphic design is also referred to sometimes as graphic art, however it usually involves creating an entire layout, page or packaging that would include graphic art as one of the elements.  Sometimes graphic designers are given the title of Art Director, Creative Director, Graphic Artist and so on, but the title does not really matter as much as what your experience is with certain creative mediums and your ability to apply your talents to them. Read more here...

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Graphic Design Software

Since the advent of the world wide web, ever advancing smart phone and tablet technology, it is  absolutely necessary for graphic designers of today to become familiar with different types of computer software related to illustration, 2d and 3d art rendering, desktop publishing, multi-media, photo realism and more.  The days of sketching and coloring in your work by hand, although a valuable talent, are starting to get left far behind in the new digital age of graphic art.

There are many types of software available as tools of the trade, a more complete list including free 3d animation software and other comparisons are available at our:
resource and tools page.

Familiarizing yourself with the ever changing world of graphic art software is a task that must be mastered for today's designers to remain at the top of their field.  The articles and reviews written here are a free service we provide for all artists and those interested in learninig more about 3d arts.

I'm New To Graphic Art And Design, Where Do I Start?

I know all this can seem overwhelming if you are new to graphic design, but don’t worry, if you have an interest in art and design you can do it.  Our very own Creative Director herself did not know that she was going to become a graphic artist and designer until after playing a simulation game on her computer in her spare time.  She soon found out that she mostly enjoyed creating her characters look and feel through the designing of their clothing, hair and makeup.  Before she knew it she had created over 1,200 unique 3D characters for her game.  In graphic design you will come to realize that it is all about the “look and feel” of whatever the project it is that you are working on.  So the best place to begin is to try to get down on paper, in writing or a sketch whatever idea it is in your mind that you want most to create.  Once you have your main thought down, research which graphic design software would best suit your needs to bring your creative production to life.  Learning about graphic design will enable you to bring your idea to fruition with 3D, colors, depth, sound, animation or however you envision it to be.  Remember, put this website in your favorites and use 3D Graphic Art as your source for understanding graphic art and design.  It is also a place where you can see it in action and learn about software reviews, the best tutorials to check out, where and how you can make money with your art. Get inspired by our richly furnished art galleries and learn about real graphic artists.  Here is a link to a

Getting Started Article. You Can Do It!
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The above link will take you to Adobe's Creative Cloud website page for more information, tutorials and Free Trials. A must see for any aspiring Artist or graphic designer.
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Egyptian Warrior Queen
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